I love reading surveys. To me they are snapshots inside a person's mind. Well, they are actually snapshots inside a lot of people's minds. A good survey always opens up the chance for a good discussion. Below I have five items listed. Your task is to tell me which one you think the women that took part in this Daily Mail survey wanted more. The answers are at the bottom. Don't cheat or you will make Baby Jesus cry. The Presidential election is doing that enough already.

  • Stockbyte, ThinkStock
    Stockbyte, ThinkStock

    Spa Day Versus Arguments

    Choice one is a luxurious day at a spa that includes a massage, a facial, and a lot of other relaxing things. Choice two is winning an argument with her significant other. The subject doesn't matter, it's all about ultimate victory. Which one does a woman want more?

  • DBDStudio/ThinkStock

    Eating Cheese Or Going On A First Date

    Let's face it both of these can create havoc on a woman's physical body. So, what do you think? Would a woman favor eating cheese more than she would favor going on a first date? Which one does a woman want more?

  • Wavebreakmedia Ltd, ThinkStock
    Wavebreakmedia Ltd, ThinkStock

    A Clothes Compliment or Having A Meal Cooked For Them

    For a lot of ladies style is just as important as eating. This is battle between those two concepts. Here is the question. Would a woman rather have someone compliment her clothes or would she rather have someone prepare a fabulous meal for her? Which would a woman want?

  • Darren Hubley, ThinkStock
    Darren Hubley, ThinkStock

    Comfortable Underwear Versus Losing Weight

    This may be the toughest decision you will have to make. The choices are a pair of comfortable underwear or having someone ask them if they have lost weight? Which would a woman want?

  • Scott Griessel, ThinkStock
    Scott Griessel, ThinkStock

    Youthful Looks Or Getting Flowers

    Both of these choices play to the very essence of femininity. Flowers will make anyone feel good. Being told you look a lot younger than you actually are makes any person feel good too. Between getting flowers and being told they look young, which would a woman want?

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