I am going to ask you to mentally place yourself in your chair at the Thanksgiving table. I want you to imagine the heaping plate of delicious food that is set before you. Now I want you to imagine you are grabbing your fork. You point the tines of the utensil toward your plate. What food is that fork heading for?

For most of us, it's not the turkey that will be our indoctrination into indigestion for the day. It will likely be stuffing or dressing. The folks at the website Eater did a little survey a while back and they asked the question, What food will be your first bite?

A paltry 14% of people preferred poultry as their first taste of Thanksgiving. Almost half of those surveyed, 44%, said they will stick their forks into the stuffing or dressing. The second choice on the first bite list? Mashed potatoes which was the choice of almost 20% of respondents.

I know for me the first bite will be the green bean casserole. That's because my green bean casserole is the best thing on the table.

Here's how I make it. I go to the Jambalaya Shoppe on Congress Street and buy a bucket of their homestyle smothered green beans. I then add the cream of mushroom soup, a little milk, stir, and add French Fried Onions to the top. All you have to do is warm that through and voila, you're going to be eating well.

There is also a pretty strong chance that I will wolf down a dinner roll and a deviled egg while I am in line to fill my plate. So, technically those would be my first bites but I did phrase the question "When you sit down" so I am going to stick with my green bean casserole on the principle of the question.

So what food will be your first bite? You'd be surprised at how wide and varied the answers to this question will be.


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