Easter Sunday is right around the corner and at my house it's like a second Halloween. And what I mean by that is that Dad gets to invade Son's Easter basket to make sure that there isn't any "harmful" treats for the little one.

Yeah, that's it.

Just like Halloween, there are definitely some candies that are synonymous with Easter. Back in the day it was just Cadbury eggs and Peeps. We've got options these days!

And just like with everything else, certain regions have favorites. The website Influenster just released the results of their study that figured out which Easter candy is the most popular in every state.

As suspected, Cadbury Creme Eggs are still the king. 12 states crowned that as their favorite Easter candy. Peeps took the top spot in five states.

What about Louisiana? Oh, we sure made this guy proud. Our fave this year happens to be Reese's Pieces Peanut Butter Cup. North Carolina and New York agreed with us.

Check out the complete list of "America's Most Buzzed-About Easter Candies By State" by clicking here.


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