Andy Griffith will forever be known as Sheriff Andy Taylor of the mythical town of Mayberry. His soft spoken demeanor and quick wit made Mayberry America's hometown. Before Andy shined on the TV screen he lit up the stages of nightclubs around the country. His ability to spin a yarn had his audiences mesmerized.

This is one of my favorite Andy Griffith stories. I remember as a kid my Dad had the album this story was featured on. We listened to it over and over and I can recite the entire bit from memory. It's called "What it was, was football".

This is the story of a young man and his first ever football game. The game that seems so familiar to you and I must really look odd to someone who had never seen it before. The illustrations in this video were done by George Woodbridge. George was an illustrator for Mad Magazine, another fond memory of my youth.

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