I love vintage television, and I know so many of you do as well. Many of us also love being able to visit museums, historical sites, and any other place where we can learn more about the things we love. We can't always just jump in the car or an a plane to do it, but pictures can tell a great story.

I can't even imagine that any of us forty and above wouldn't be able to identify the "Andy Griffith Song", as most of us call it. The name of the whistling melody you hear at the beginning of the "Andy Griffith Show" is actually called "The Fishing Hole".

It's been my experience that when this show comes on television people immediately seem to feel a little happier. So many of us still love to catch the show in syndication. To some, the show may seem a little hokey, but it harkens back to a time when people seemed to care about one another more. Maybe that's just me.

Now I recently found out about something really cool. Not only can you love the "Andy Griffith Show" and watch reruns on tv, but you can also actually go to Mayberry!!! There is a great museum and excellent exhibits in a town called Mount Airy, North Carolina. While it's not actually Mayberry, it might as well be between the museum and other attractions, like the barbershop, that brings us back to the memories of the show.

I have wanted to write this story for weeks now, but the news cycle has been jammed with pressing issues. I moved all of that out of the way today though, so I can share some fun pictures with you.

Someone in our building was able to take a trip to Mayberry! It's the museum and so much more that you will find in Mount Airy, North Carolina where Andy Griffith was born in 1926. He was raised in Mount Airy too, and as a way to preserve the show and his legacy, you can about imagine the town has embraced everything about fictional Mayberry and its Sheriff Andy Taylor.

You are going to add this place to your bucket list because it's like stepping back in time to remember a wonderful man, a terrific cast, and an endearing show.

I really wonder what was your favorite episode of the show? Email me, bernie@kpel965.com.

Check out these pictures from Mayberry:

A Picture Tour of the Andy Griffith Museum & Mount Airy, North Carolina (Mayberry)

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