Fatherhood, it's nothing like what you see on television. As far as I am concerned most TV dads have it pretty easy compared to us regular fathers that get caught up in the more mundane and monotonous cycle of life. Still it's fun to think about TV fathers you  might like to have had growing up. Much like my 5 favorite TV Themes this is in  no particular order and for my own selfish reasons. I think I would have liked to be Homer Simpson's kid, I got into a lot of trouble as a youth and having a father that didn't pay too much attention would have probably kept my backside from being so sore, but then again I probably wouldn't be as responsible as I am today.

Another father that I think I would have enjoyed being a son to, was Sheriff Andy Taylor of Mayberry. My Dad worked in cottonfields all summer long, the last thing he wanted to do was get back out in the heat and go fishing. I think a nice stroll down a dirt road to a fishing hole with Andy would be a great way to grow up.

I mentioned in my TV Theme post my crush on Little House on the Prarie's Mary Ingalls. Well the truth is I liked her Pa a lot too. Not in that way! Michael Landon played some of the more memorable characters of my growing up with TV years, Charles Ingalls was one of those characters. He was tough, kind and compassionate. He lived his faith and believed in family, not a bad guy to want to be like. He also has something else in common with me as this video demonstrates.

Tim Taylor of the Tool Time and Home Improvement is another guy that would probably have been a good match for me as a father. I liked the fact that he did man stuff, but he didn't do man stuff very well. That's was very much like my real dad. My pop was a scientist, not a mechanic or car nut or an athlete. So I think if my Dad had tried to be the "caveman" like Tim Taylor, he probably would have spent time in the emergency room too.

My final father that I think would have been fun to hang out with as a kid will prbably come as a complete shock to some of you. He isn't know for his fatherly ways. He is more so known for his cantakerous narrow minded view of the world in which he lived. I think his view came not so much from what he knew but what he feared. He was always a proud American and his character was the epitome of free speech on television. He was always up for an argument as long as you were always willing to be wrong. My final favorite TV dad, Archie Bunker.

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