Can you relate?

I recently got caught up in a discussion on Reddit and it was highlighting the things people dislike more and more as they get older.

Some on the list I could most certainly relate to, now let's see if you can relate to any of these highlighted in the discussion.

Surprisingly, Fench Fries made the list and I don't get it. Someone part of the discussion on Reddit said," The older I get the more it just starts tasting like bits of tree and less like a yummy dessert."

Other things that people seem to dislike more and more as they age are snow, sex scenes in movies (especially if you have kids with you while watching a movie), staying up late, driving, and holidays.


Many who don't like holidays as much in the later years say it's the preparations that come with the holidays. If you've ever hosted Thanksgiving or Christmas at your house, you already know.

In addition to that, people also report that as they age they don't enjoy drinking alcohol as much, and perhaps the length of the hangover has something to do with that.

Plus, some say that video games, driving, waiting on people and loud places just aren't as attractive as they once were in their younger days.

But, the number one thing people on Reddit say that they don't like as much as they age is SOCIAL MEDIA!

I assume the negativity and conflicts on social media platforms mount up through the years and at some point you realize it isn't worth your time any longer.


If you'd like to add to the list, feel free to comment on the social media page that sent you this story.

Again, can you relate to any of these?


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