Falling in love never gets old. Falling in love for the first time is something that we all remember and we especially remember that first kiss. Maybe it was a quick peck on the lips at her front door. Perhaps it was a long, wet, tonsil touching medical exam of a kiss that happened while you were playing spin the bottle. Regardless there is a memory that goes with that kiss and with that memory there is usually a song.

Terryn, who will be joining you at midnight tonight says her first kiss will always be associated with Martina McBride's Valentine. She was in 8th grade and it was after a date at the movies. She and the then love of her life had gone to see that romantic movie,  The Amityville Horror. What girl wouldn't be dreaming of romance after such a touching film.

For me, my first kiss was more the medical exam variety. There were tongues and slobber going everywhere. It was behind my girlfriend Sherry's house. Her dad was a Baptist preacher and I was sure he had cameras and the eyes of the Lord looking down on me. I figured if I was gonna get struck by lightning then this would be it. The song that was playing on the radio, Here You Come Again by Dolly Parton. Maybe that's why I have always had a special place in my heart for Dolly.

For Tracy, who is sitting in with me tonight on Classic Country Saturday Night, she was more into pop music at the time of her first kiss. She couldn't remember if the song was Crazy For You by Madonna or Hello by Lionel Richie. I suggested she put them together and just call the relationship "Hello Crazy!" That would sum up most relationships we had during our formative years anyway wouldn't it?

We've told our stories, now we want you to tell us yours. What was that first kiss like and what song does it bring to mind?

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