Hindsight is 20/20. The lessons of time and experience would have almost always been more beneficial if we had known them, or at least paid attention to them in the days of our youth. Huffington Post recently surveyed their readers and asked them to respond to this query.  What two-word advice do you wish you could have given your former self?

The list contains a variety wise nuggets. Some of them could be significant "life changers" for a lot of us today. Here are just a few of the ones that I found to be totally applicable to the world that's around me.

1. Ignore Idiots - Unfortunately for me if you took that advice you might not listen to the radio anymore. So you either don't consider me an idiot or you're ignoring this one.

2. Plan Better - If I would have subscribed to this thought process in my earlier years I might actually be able to remember my 20's.

3. Love Yourself - Far too often we will not allow ourselves to appreciate our own magnificence. It's can be deadly if you don't learn how to do this one.

4.Just Relax - Almost everything I ever worried about happening never happened. I should have never spent so much time being concerned with taxes on my Powerball win.

5.Never Settle - I've often been okay with good enough instead of what I really wanted. Sometimes you really need two scoops because you deserve two scoops.

6. Save Money - I always thought of money as transportation, it gets you where you want to go. I forgot I might want to go places when I'm older and not earning money anymore.

7. You're Okay - My job puts me in a position to be judged by others every day. I bet yours does too. Despite what they say on Facebook, you're really okay and it's okay being you.

8. Add Bacon - If you need this one explained then there is very little hope for you anyway. Try it, add bacon, feel the bliss it's waiting for you.

9. YouTube -  I guess that's two words. Regardless you can learn how to do anything from fixing a faucet to an in home colonoscopy on YouTube. Go there before you call somebody.

10. Have Faith - Whether it's spiritually or in yourself or in your fellow man. Faith is a companion of hope and where there is hope there is a reason.

What two-word advice would you offer to your former self? Experience is a great teacher. Perhaps the lessons of your life could help someone else down their path in life. You might even find your own path changing by listening to your own advice.



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