Two weeks from today it will be Christmas Eve. All across Acadiana and the world eager children and Moms and Dads too will cast an eye to the sky in hopes of catching a glimpse of the most famous reindeer driver in the whole universe.

But, will we be looking up into a star-filled Christmas night? Or will we run the risk of drowning in a legendary South Louisiana downpour? Or should we sharpen up our ice skates and wait for the power to go off?

According to the majority of the long-range and reliable forecast models, Christmas Eve and Christmas Day in Acadiana should be wonderful. Right now forecasters are suggesting skies will be a mix of clouds and sun and temperatures will be seasonable for late December. That means overnight low temperatures in the lower 50-degree range and afternoon high temperatures climbing into the middle 60-degree range.

Meanwhile the iconic and often more correct than meteorologists like to admit, Old Farmer's Almanac is suggesting something totally different for South Louisiana. Their forecast for December 22 through December 27 is suggesting the Santa could be flying down the bayou in between snowflakes. That's right, the Old Farmer's Almanac has a threat of snow and cold rain in their forecast for our area on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.

Personally, as much as we'd all like to think a "white Christmas" would be wonderful. I am here to tell you it would be the worst Christmas ever. Families would be prevented from driving to relatives homes. There would be carnage on the highways. There's a threat that we could lose power. By the way, none of those things are ever mentioned in that darn song that makes snow for Christmas sound so wonderful.

One more thing to consider, long-range forecasts frequently are changed and fine-tuned. We suggest you use the information in this article to help you plan ahead and if you check back often you will find the links in this article will be updated with the latest forecast information available.


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