I am an American consumer and I am very upset with the state of health insurance in our country. No, I don't want the government taking it over because I have already seen just how efficient that group of n'er do wells is at getting stuff done.

What I want is what I pay a premium for every month. I want my insurance company to help me and my family stay healthy and return to health when we are not well. It seems simple enough. I hear the insurance company commercials about how they are good neighbors, and they are there for me. I think they are full of bovine by products based on my current experience.

I don't want to throw anybody under a bus so I won't mention any names. However, my insurance company's logo looks like a lower case "t" and it is colored a shade of blue. These good minded people have decided that the medicine my doctor ordered to improve my health and well being is too expensive. They won't offer me coverage on something my doctor has prescribed.  The same medicine I have been taking for over three years with great results.

I don't recall signing a form saying I want all medical decisions being  made by a script reading monkey at an insurance company call center. I pay my premiums in good faith. I expect my medical coverage to be handled in good faith. Every doctor I know hates this practice by the insurance companies. Why do we allow it?

If the insurance company is going to determine what medications are right for me I want to talk to a doctor. In fact I want to see that doctors medical degree. I want the insurance companies to have to pay for malpractice in case their script reading monkey tells me to get the wrong medication.

I am sorry. I apologize to all the monkeys who might be reading this. I wouldn't want you to think I consider you to be on the same level as an insurance company telemarketer.

Am I alone? Has this ever happened to you? Then why are we sitting on our hands. Let's tell our insurance providers to provide what we are paying for. In my mind that is coverage for my medications and the services needed to keep me healthy and working so I can pay their expensive premiums so they can afford commercials that tell me how much they care about me.

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