June 21 is National Pie Day, and we couldn't be more excited. We do love our food here in the Bayou State!

Louisiana Travel, which is our state tourism site, has reminded me of where to get some of the best pies to celebrate this monumental, and tasty, holiday. Some of these locations are world famous, and some are hidden treasures, but they all serve up a delicious slice of something we are well known for. I've thrown in a couple of my own personal favorites too. Cheers, and happy eating, y'all!

  • Lea's Lunchroom, Lecompte - this might be my favorite. They've been open since 1928, and serve over 65,000 pies a year
  • Strawns Eat Shop, Shreveport - famous for their strawberry icebox pie, and a beloved local tradition since 1944
  • Slayden's BBQ, Bastrop - because, what better way to end up your tasty barbecue dinner, than with a slice of homemade Louisiana pecan pie? They've been serving up slices since 1962
  • Lasyone's Meat Pie Restaurant, Natchitoches - meat pies put the oldest city in the state on the map, for sure. These cajun and creole delicacies can't be beat!
  • Not Just Pie, Monroe - their Banana Caramel Pie was named one of the best in the south by Southern Living Magazine. They also serve a crazy delicious chicken pot pie!
  • Tony's Seafood, Baton Rouge - literally the best crawfish pie I have ever had. Really flaky crust, and filled with delectable mudbugs in a rich filling
  • Keller's Bakery, Lafayette - they have two locations, but I like the downtown one. My family would not dream of celebrating Thanksgiving or Christmas without one of Keller's Coconut Cream Pies. They are creamy and rich, and everything decadent in one slice.


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