It looks as if I-10 through South Louisiana will remain known as simply "I-10" at least in the foreseeable future. A bill proposed by a member of the Louisiana Senate from New Orleans to rename part of the interstate as the " Who Dat Nation Highway" has been derailed, to use another transportation term.

The reason for this bump in the renaming road? Well, I-10 already has a name and has been dedicated to another group for more than 60 years.  This name and dedication stretch the entire length of the roadway from Florida to California. Even Senator Bishop agreed that the "Bluestar Memorial Highway" designation for I-10 in honor of our nation's veterans was a better idea than his proposal.

So, Senator Bishop refiled the bill to change the language that would make the Louisiana stretch of I-10 the "Who Dat Nation Highway" to suggesting that three signs reading "Welcome to Who Dat Nation" be placed under existing roadway signs.

The suggested locations for those "Welcome To Who Dat Nation" signs would be strategically placed at the Mississippi state line, the Texas state line, and in downtown New Orleans near the Superdome.

Bishop's amended legislation did make it out of committee but will likely face some opposition on the floor of the full Senate. One Senator who actually voted for Bishop's amended bill suggested that he wasn't sure if the signs take more credibility from the state than they give.

We'll just have to see how the rest of the Senate feels when the legislation is brought up for debate later in this session.

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