The embattled Mayor of New Orleans, LaToya Cantrell, is coming into the spotlight once again, but this time it's about her clothing.

WVUE's Lee Zurich says a source close to investigators has told him the FBI had interviewed workers at Ballin's Ltd. in New Orleans twice this month.

According to that source, Ballin's has DONE NOTHING WRONG. What officials seem to be looking into are receipts and documents. The Mayor's personal shopper and stylist Tanya Blunt-Haynes is said to have purchased thousands of dollars worth of clothing and accessories.

The source has told Zurich that investigators seem to be narrowing in on 20 different purchases. They requested more documents and information about these transactions.

Any attorney for Ballin's, Laura Rodrigue, says they are cooperating with all requests of investigators.

As Zurich drilled down, he discovered that Haynes told store employees she was buying clothes for the Mayor's visit with Spanish royalty and the Essence Fest. Some of these purchases apparently happened when Cantrell was on the New Orleans City Council.

Information from public documents shows that Haynes has received a total of $175,000 from LaToya Cantrell's campaign account as Haynes is labeled as Cantrell's "image consultant".

All of this business over the clothing comes on the heels of the revelation that the Inspector General is investigating how and who is using an apartment that is owned by the city.

The question is how that apartment in the Upper Pantabla Apartments is being used. If the apartment is being used for personal use then that is a violation of city policy. He then also suggested that it could potentially be a violation of state law as well.

Mayor Cantrell had plenty to say about reporter Lee Zurich and the rest of the media:

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