Most drive through nature parks are like really lame zoos. At least you get to sit in  your car instead of walking for miles to see animals doing nothing but sleeping. This trip to the wild life park was very different for some tourists who  picked up an unexpected hitchhiker.

The place is Kruger National Park in South Africa. The drive through nature safari is one of the ways regular people can get up close with animals in the wild. This was that rare occasion when the animals were really showing off.

A heard of impalas is being chased through the park by a pair of cheetahs. Tourists snap pictures furiously and take video of the scene as it unfolds. One of the impalas decides to double back across the roadway and decides to take safe haven in an SUV.

I can only imagine what the occupants of that vehicle were thinking. I can only guess it was kind of like that scene in the movie Tommy Boy where the stunned deer wakes up in the car. Fortunately the car, the impala and the tourist were all okay. The cheetahs were left to find a meal some other place at some other time.

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