When I was growing up I was convinced that some of the biggest issues I would face in my life would involve quicksand or a falling souffle'. That's what growing up thinking that TV was real life will do for you. Never once in my formative years did I think I would ever have to consider my actions should I encounter a wild pig.

Believe it or not, if you live in South Louisiana that "consider your actions" around wild pigs thing is becoming a lot more of a reality than any quicksand episode has ever been.

Louisiana's feral pig population is exploding. Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries agents say the pig population is growing faster than we can currently manage it. That means more and more of the feral animals are being spotted in and around residential areas and neighborhoods.

These pigs are not cute and cuddly like Babe from the movies or Wilbur from Charlotte's Web. These pigs can hurt you and if you aren't careful they can kill you.

Wildlife experts suggest that if you encounter a feral pig you should contact your local law enforcement agency. If you happen to be in the wild then the advice becomes "climb". The pigs can't. So even if you're just a few feet off the ground you can get out of the way of their attack. You could even climb in or on top of your car or truck to get to safety.

There are rules and regulations regarding the hunting and harvesting of wild pigs. If they're on your property you can shoot them but you still need a license. If you don't have a license they can still be hunted from the end of February through the beginning of August.

You may obtain a Louisiana hunting license online by clicking here. You can also find out more about Louisiana's wild pig problem by clicking here.

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