A scary video out of New Orleans shows a man shooting a gun in the middle of the street while riding his bike in broad daylight.

The video was shared on the official @bayoumamabears Instagram account but has been reshared across social media. While we're unsure when the video was taken, it was reportedly captured on a Ring camera in the middle of a Bayou St. John neighborhood in New Orleans.

New Orleans was recently ranked as the murder capital of America as they have led the nation in homicides per number of residents.

Asher compiled data that shows New Orleans had 145 homicides as of June 30, setting the murder rate at 36.8 per 100,000 residents. Baltimore is in second place and Birmingham in third

In the clip, you can hear a voice claiming that he "isn't no punk b*tch" repeatedly. It's assumed that the voice belongs to the individual who rides his bike into the frame before stopping.

At that point, the man pulls something from his waistband beneath his shirt and brandishes what looks like a firearm before a loud gunshot can be heard.

You can even see the explosion from the assumed firearm in the individual's hand.

Instagram, @bayoumamabears
Instagram, @bayoumamabears

According to the @bayoumamabears account, the incident unfolded in the Bayou St. John neighborhood of New Orleans in the middle of the day. The account warns that "this is what you have to prepare for when you take your kids out for a walk."

Another New Orleans account by the name of @empoweryournola reshared the video where people's reactions ranged from those who were shocked to others who felt like sharing the video could get the homeowner in trouble with the individual that was shooting his gun in the clip.

New Orleans Mayor Latoya Cantrell has been criticized but says that she is working with local law enforcement and doing all that she can to combat the violence and recklessness that has been plaguing the city she runs.

At the time that this story was published, there was no word from NOPD about the incident or any complaints about anything associated with the man who shot his firearm.

We will update this story if any new information or updates become available.

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