I think wallop is an accurate choice in choosing a word to describe how the change in Acadiana's weather will feel when comparing the next couple of days. The forecast for tomorrow (Monday) is calling for mostly sunny skies and a high temperature of about 77 degrees.

The outlook for Tuesday is decidedly different. Forecasters say the afternoon high temperature on Tuesday will be 44 degrees. That's a swing of 33 degrees and that's not counting the wind either. Oh, and after that, it's going to get cold. I mean space heater on under the desk next to those ugly Ugg boots cold.

Obviously for the outside conditions to change that drastically there's got to be a cold front involved. There is and it's a strong one. There could be numerous low-temperature records broken over the next several days across the nation.

Here in South Louisiana, we are anticipating a low-temperature Wednesday morning at 28 degrees. I believe that would be one degree off a record low of 27 that was set back in 1900.

Will it snow? Will they close the schools? Will somebody explain to me why this isn't a bigger deal?

Yes, it's going to snow. Not here in South Louisiana but you won't have to drive too far to the north if you really want to test the limits of your car insurance. I mean it would snow here if it was going to be a lot colder or we were going to raise our elevation to about 13,000 feet. Then you might be looking at a snow day.

Instead, we'll just have a cold wet miserable rainy day on Tuesday. Then Wednesday will feel like the perfect day before Christmas. Except, it won't be. Sorry, you started this with all of your "Is it going to snow nonsense".

Temperatures should moderate quickly during the day on Wednesday under mostly sunny skies. The rest of the workweek appears to be rather quiet as far as weather affecting your plans. A look ahead to next weekend is pretty promising as well.

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