Patience may be a virtue, but honesty could get you a new set of boobs. At least that’s the theory being espoused by an Ohio chick standing on busy streets begging passersby for breast-implant money.

Lately, 37-year-old Chrissy Lance dons a bikini, grabs a big burly friend (who acts as a bodyguard) and takes to the busy intersections of Akron while holding a sign reading, “Not homeless, Need boobs” — all in an effort to drum up the $5,000 she needs to get a boob job.

The college student and single mom says that while her bartending job covers her bills, it’s not enough for breast implants, and that having them would be a self-esteem booster. “I see people panhandling everyday, so why not panhandle for boobs?” she said. “It’s original. I’ve never seen anybody else do it.”

So how is the public reacting? There are some haters, of course — hence the bodyguard — but one female motorist said, “I think it’s kind of ridiculous, but kind of funny in a way. She wants her boobs. She’s keeping it real.”

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