As we are slowly moving back to normal activities after a year of shutdowns and pandemic stress, it's good to know that some of the things that put the "Big" in "Easy" will once again be happening down I-10. New Orleans has many fabulous events, but you might be hard-pressed to find one as unique as the World Naked Bike Ride, which is making a triumphant return this Saturday, June 12th. And yes, its a real thing.

According to, the goal for the annual event is "cultivating a body-positive and environmentally cleaner world, and the World Naked Bike Ride's ultimate mission is to be a safe haven for individuals across the globe who desire to make the world they live in a little brighter." The wildly popular ride will kick off at 4:00 PM Saturday from Mickey Markey Park, in the Bywater neighborhood

The group's official Facebook page states that the dress code is "As Bare as You Dare", which means exactly what you think it does. The extravagant ride will include all sorts of dress and undress, and joggers, skateboarders, and rollerblades will all be welcome as well. However, no motorized vehicles will be allowed. Decorations for the bicycles are usually pretty over the top, which just adds to the positive atmosphere and the fun of a typical New Orleans parade.

The Facebook page says all are welcome and "Cycling promotes body awareness. And by cycling naked we declare our confidence in the beauty and individuality of our bodies and the bicycle's place as a catalyst for change in the future of sustainability, transport, community, and recreation." To read more about the 13th annual ride check out the story in



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