If you have ever attempted to connect with someone on a more than platonic level, at least as far as relationships go, then you know the angst that comes with making and accepting that first date. For most of us, a first date is just an awkward exchange of small talk, pleasantries, a discussion of trivial topics like the weather and music, and then from there, we decide if we're going to invest more time with this person and go on a second date.

I am pretty sure that the woman in this story will not be going on a second date with the fellow that she is describing.

Taco Bell

Elsye Myers recently shared her first date horror story on the social media platform Tik Tok. Needless to say, the Tik Tok universe has taken the story and run with it. Myers video has racked up over 1.2 million views on the platform and it's still gathering traffic.

Let me set the scene for you before you hear from Myers in her own words. The couple agreed to meet at "his" place. Myers arrived on time and was informed that "her date" had lost his car keys. She was asked if she minded driving. She said no, so they took her car.

They decide they would go out and get something to eat. For some reason, they found themselves in the drive-thru lane of a Taco Bell. Not the most romantic of meals but it was the first date and maybe they liked tacos.

Well, we do know the guy liked tacos because he ordered 100 hard shell tacos. I will let that sink in for a minute, he ordered 100 tacos. Only to discover that not only had he lost his car key but he had misplaced his wallet too. So, Elyse agreed to pay. By the way, 100 hard shell tacos from Taco Bell will set you back about $150 bucks.

Facebook, Taco Bell

They then returned to the "date's" house to enjoy 100 hard shell tacos. It was during this time that the guy's Dad popped by for a taco or two. Eventually, Elyse decided that the date was over and she took the remaining tacos to her place.

I am sure you have questions. Here is Elyse with the answers to the questions that you've been wanting to know.

By the way, during the time while the Taco Bell workers were creating all of those Tacos Elyse said that she and her date sat in the car and talked, mainly about his ex-girlfriend.

Regardless, even after a nice Q&A some of you still had more questions for Elyse. Here is her final instalment of the "Taco Guy" saga.

And in case you are wondering, Elyse is now married, her episode with "Taco Guy" happened long ago before she met her "smoke show" of a husband. Elyse, thank you for sharing your story. I think we all have at least 100 reasons to feel better about ourselves unless we happen to be "Taco Guy"

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