October 10, 2018, will be a day that many families with ties to the Florida Panhandle will never forget. Today is the day that Hurricane Michael, a dangerous and deadly category 4 hurricane comes ashore near Panama City Florida. While we are keeping the good people in harm's way in our thoughts and prayers, we would be remiss if we didn't check behind Michael and see what, if anything, is coming next.

Unfortunately, there is "a something" we need to keep an eye on. The National Hurricane Center is monitoring a potential trouble spot that is located very near where Hurricane Michael was born.

Forecasters have given this tropical wave of disturbed weather a 40% probability of strengthening into a tropical cyclone over the next five days. Currently, the area of most concern is in the western Caribbean Sea near the coast of Honduras. Forecasters say the system is drifting westward this morning. It's unclear if that motion will continue and if it does for how long.

As is the case with almost every tropical disturbance, we will just have to watch, wait, and then react. After all, as our friends in Florida are rediscovering today, there is no stopping a hurricane. All we can do is be prepared, react quickly and intelligently, and then be ready to run from the water and hide from the wind.


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