There is just something about it that gets under my skin. Heck, I'm sure there are plenty of reasons of why that person is sleeping in the class.

As in they went out the night before, stayed up late studying/cramming for the next classes test, or just trying to finish homework. Regardless, it's kind of distracting when I've got the worse case of classroom A.D.D. and I happen to notice Johnny to my right drooling; making a puddle the size of Lake Pontchartrain on his desk!


I figured that if you pay however much a semester to come to class that you'd at least put forth your best foot and try your hardest. Not try your hardest to catch some Z's!

I'll admit, it happens to the best of us, but still, every day? Dude, get some sleep at night! I'm sure that party you "had to go to" was so completely worth it. It certainly shows!


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