The idea of a light weight plastic car wasn't conceived during the gas shortages of the 1970's. The first idea of a lighter than steel automobile actually occurred during the 1940's and was the brain child of Henry Ford. What is even more amazing about this automobile is the other secret ingredient. It is hemp.

Hemp is a product that has been grown for centuries. Many cultures used hemp to make buildings, clothes and weapons. Of course hemp, at least some varieties of it have other uses that don't mix well with driving.

Still Henry Ford's plastic/hemp car was a thousand pounds lighter than a steel car of the same design and the exterior was almost 10 times tougher. So why was this car never put into production? Chances are it was the strong voice of cotton producers who didn't want hemp making any inroads into the textile market. Just another great idea that was kept off the market because there was money to made by some one else.

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