Just when you thought you knew every little trick to get your vehicle to sparkle, here comes some tips that are going to make your life sooo much easier. Your Daily Dish has opened my eyes to some super easy hacks to keeping my car looking, and smelling, like new, and I wanted to share.

  • Use toothpaste to shine your headlights.
  • Armour All wipes can also be used for shining wheels, hubcaps, and interiors, if they are vinyl.
  • Use a can of compressed air to clean out vents, and small crevices inside the car.
  • A small sponge brush, the kind you can get at the arts and crafts store, can be used for tiny cracks and crevices as well.
  • A toothbrush can get crumbs out of seat crevices, and can also be used to clean small stains from vinyl interior
  • Use WD40 to remove those pesky bumper stickers that have baked on
  • Microfiber cloths on a stick are easier to get to those hard to reach corners on the inside of your car
  • Rubbing alcohol can remove the sap off of your car. Just use water and baking soda as the second step, then soap and water to finish.
  • A plastic cereal container makes for a much neater, and odor free, garbage container inside your car
  • Use newspaper to clean the exterior windows of your vehicle
  • Use silicon baking cups inside the cup holders to catch all the little stuff you are always losing


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