The Halloween shirts and fall decorations have officially hit the shelves in many stores and they excitement on social media is real.

You don't have to love pumpkin spice or scented candles to love the fall season. Sometimes, all it takes is a cute pillow or coffee mug with a good pun to get you in the spirit.

That's where one little girl is here to help.

If you are suddenly in the mood to buy out all of Marshall's fall decorations, you aren't alone. Didn't sweet miss Lily put a smile on your face?

Lily and her mom Brittany have joined forces on social media to bring happiness and joy to those who view their content. When you watch their videos and scroll through the comments, you can't help but smile and appreciate the innocence of it all.

Through their many videos, Brittany has made comments on Lily's personality and says she loves Halloween (obviously). One comment Brittany made that caught my attention was that Lilly "has never had a temper tantrum she's just default happy." This is evident just watching everything they post.

If you want to really get in your feels, lets talk about how excited Lily is to be a big sister. Mom Brittany went for her 20 week ultrasound and Lily can't wait to see her little sister.

She hugged the ultrasound picture with the sweetest smile! I'm not crying, you're crying...

If you are ever in need of a smile or laugh, keep Brittany and Lily's TikTok page in mind. You will find an endless supply.

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