Louisiana fishing licenses will expire on June 30th. If you haven't checked the calendar lately that's Sunday. So, if you plan on doing some fishing next week during your time off for the Fourth of July holiday you might want to get that license renewed.

Fortunately, the good folks at the Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries have made the license renewal process so much easier and convenient. Gone are the long lines at bait shops and tackle stores, now you can renew online at the LDWF website.

And not only can you renew your license online, but you can also save that license to your telephone. Which means if you're ever asked to produce your documents, you can just show your license on your smartphone screen.

To me, another perk of the online licensing option is I usually travel with forgetful people. This way "that one guy" in the group who never has his bait in a pile can obtain or renew his license on his phone on the way to the lake or reservoir. Which is great because the rest of us who took care of business don't want to wait on "that guy" while he stands in line to do what he should have done before he got in the truck.

Bitter? oh, a tad.


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