I just have a knack for picking the runt of the litter. When we got our dog Max, he was the smallest and quietest puppy at the animal shelter. When it come to buying a video cassette recorder back in the day, we went with the Beta max. I even got an MP3 player for all my favorite songs, I bought a Zune. I figured with the backing of Bill Gates and Microsoft there was no way I could go wrong. Sadly as I read in article from the Reuters news service written by Bill Rigby and edited by Gary Hill,the Zune player is about to go the way of Sega, the Furby and Yuh Gi Oh cards. I don't know why I have never embraced the Apple brand of technology, I never wanted a Mac or an I-phone but I guess I zigged when the rest of the world zagged. So dear sweet little Zune, when you finally die and pass on to that junk heap of things that don't work and you can't get fixed, just know for a few short years you were loved, even if it was only by me.

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