Happy New Year, y'all! I'm sure more than half of Americans are feeling the heavy aftermath of last night's New Year's celebrations. It is a given that we cannot fully celebrate and party on New Year's Eve without champagne, beer, wine, vodka, etc. I ran across some interesting hangover myths on Webmd and had to share with you.

 Since your not feeling so hot today, I want to let you know about the hangover myths you should not follow by.

1.) *Myth: Hangovers are "gender blind."
This is NOT true. Hangovers are more likely to affect women because women have less of a percentage of water in their body than men. So next time you ladies want to take shot for shot with you man friend, remember this.
2.) *Myth: You will only get a hangover if you drink an excessive amount.
Hangovers may be triggered by just a few drinks. It all depends on how hydrated your body is before and after you drink. Try to sip a non alcoholic beverage or glass of water in between your cocktails.
3.) *Myth: Diet sodas are a safe liquor mixer.
If you are trying to steer away from a morning hangover, try mixing sugary juices or fruit juices with your liquor.
4.) *Myth: Liquor before beer, your in the clear.
Sorry folks, this is not true. It does not matter what order your drinking your alcohol. If you have 10 vodka drinks followed by 2 beers, it is probably all of the vodka that is making you sick.
5.) *Myth: Eat food before you go to sleep.
To stay in the hangover free zone, you should always eat something hardy and substantial before you start drinking. Don't order the soup or salad, go for a steak or pasta dish so your stomach can soak up the alcohol.
6.) *Myth: Take Aspirin before bed.
You won't need an aspirin to keep you from developing a hangover. Once you hit the sheets and pass out you won't wake up for a while; it is the morning you should be worried about. Take an Advil or ibuprofen right when you wake up.

7.) *Myth: Alcohol helps you sleep better.
WRONG. Although it helps you pass out quickly, you will not receive an adequate amount of sleep because of the reverse effect.

8.) *Myth: Coffee cures a hangover.
Coffee actually will not help your dehydration, whatsoever. Just stick to good ole water or sports drinks such as Gatorade to keep you hydrated.

So, there you have it! Next time you pop the top, take all of this into consideration!