Take The Bacon Quiz
It turns out taking the quiz is a must for the bacon lover in all of us. You will find some healthy tips and learn a lot about my favorite breakfast food in the process..
Is The Flu Shot An Option For You? Find Out The Pros & Cons
I'm sure you have already heard that the flu is in full swing- attacking the immune system and knocking people down for about a week. That is not how you want to spend Mardi Gras.
Many people wait to get a flu shot because they are skeptical when it comes to vaccinations and certain medications.…
8 Ways to Save Money Grocery Shopping
Grocery shopping can be quite expensive, especially if you have a long list of items to get. It seems as if I can't leave the grocery store without spending at least $30 every time. If your pocket book feels depressed when you leave the grocery, apply these tips for next time.
Spring Is Here – A.K.A. Sneezing Season
As many of you know, today is the first day of Spring. Although we look forward to the birds chirping, flowers blooming, and the sun shining, it is also the season for allergies, sneezing, and tons of pollen.
10 Common Pet Care Mistakes You Might Be Making
There's nothing better than having a furry friend to come home to after a long day. If you are a pet owner like myself, you probably can't imagine not having your little creature(s) in your life. However, there are some pet care mistakes we all can be making which we need to be aware of.
Is the Mediterranean Diet the Best Diet Ever?
We all know that living a healthy, clean life is sometimes quite challenging. When there are fast food restaurants everywhere and 2 for 1 happy hour, it is hard to take in what your body will actually benefit from. According to WebMd, the Mediterranean diet might be the best diet for all of us to li…
Skin Care Tips for the Guys
It's a given that women care a little more about their skin and complexion than your average, manly man. Sure, there are plenty of guys who wash their face with the latest acne cleanser, but I also know a lot of men who don't even have a facial cleanser anywhere in their house. I found som…
How to Prevent Heat Stroke in Dogs
Is it getting hot outside or what? Imagine if you had to wear a fur coat during the hot, grueling, summer months. Well, your pet does. If you are a pet owner like myself and your dog is normally an outside dog, you should be paying close attention to their health.

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