Many years ago when I lived in Mississippi my family would let foreign students who were attending Mississippi State come and stay with us. My Mom and Dad were very generous that way, of course you had to be a good tennis player if you wanted to hang out at our house. I think current Ragin Cajun Tennis Coach Mark Jeffery may have even hung out at my parents house when he was at Mississippi State. Alas, all that is to set you up for this video. When  you have people from other lands come and stay at your house, you learn a lot about other cultures.

Most of the other cultures on the planet don't have Wal-Mart. Wal-Mart is truly American and quite mind boggling to the "out-of-towner". I remember my brother telling me of taking a young lady from South Africa to Wal-Mart for the very first time. She needed to get shampoo and was brought to tears by the selection of hair care products she found. She told my brother in her country they only had three different kinds of shampoo in the store where her family shopped.

So I am not surprised at all by the reaction of these Brit's to Wal-Mart. It truly shows the incredible excess that we in America take for granted. If you ever have the chance to escort someone from another land to Wal-Mart for the first time bring  your camera. I promise you it will be an eye opening experience for both of you.