When the NASCAR good 'ol boys and Danica Patrick show up on a Saturday night in Bristol Tennessee you can expect a lot of sparks to fly. Bristol is a high bank, high speed , half a mile track where racing there has been compared to watching jet fighters in a gymnasium. The speeds are fast and the altercations are usually volatile. Saturday night was no exception when defending Spring Cup Champion Tony Stewart decided that Matt Kennseth needed a little reminder about driver etiquette.

Tony obviously felt that Matt had impeded his progress. Needless to say there will be a lot of discussion about this rather juvenile act from the hot head Stewart. It's not his first incident "Smoke" has had controlling his temper.

Tony doesn't just save his sarcasm for other race drivers, he often lets the media know just how stupid we are .

Oh Denny Hamlin won the race last night a Bristol, it was his third win of the season and will have him taking the lead in the Sprint Cup points race. Unfortunately for Denny no too many people will remember his late race pass for the victory. Instead most of us will remember that Tony Stewart is a passionate racer who is also an ass.