The gentle tick tick tick on  the outside window of the studio is a sound we don't hear very often in South Louisiana. That would be the sound of sleet pinging off the outside glass. While it sounds gentle and relaxing if you have driving to do and places to be it's one of the worst sounds you can hear. I think we'll be hearing it for a few more hours this morning, then things will get better.

The National Weather Service has posted a Winter Weather Advisory for much of Acadiana. That simply means that periods of rain, sleet, freezing rain, and snow are possible. The current radar scan from Lake Charles show where the precipitation is falling. Much of the region is reporting temperatures below freezing so that will lead to some accumulation on raised surface areas.

For drivers the bridges and overpasses will be the most treacherous. There have been road closures reported through out the area and State Police are constantly monitoring and updating the conditions on the major highways. Many school systems have erred on the side of caution and cancelled classes for today.

The good news is this bit of wet winter weather will be short lived. Temperatures will moderate to above freezing by the middle of the day.Today's high should be in the uppers 30's while tomorrow we will see temperatures into the middle 50's. Don't throw away that heavy coat just yet by Tuesday morning we could see another blast of bitter cold air move into the area with low temperatures expected to be near 20 on Tuesday morning..