Imagine, you're riding in the car with your wife and two children and out of the blue an angry driver starts to attack your wife and there is nothing you can do about it! That is what happened for Pittsburgh Pirates baseball catcher Chris Snyder. Snyder who is on the injured reserve list recently had back surgery, so recently in fact that when his wife was the victim of a road rage incident all he could do was sit by helplessly. Thankfully a pair of good samaritans were near by and heard the woman's screams for help. What is our issue with road rage these days? Does it seem like more and more people are snapping and becoming violent in traffic? Are you at risk of "losing it" while behind the wheel?  Take our quiz and let's see if you're at risk for road rage and if you would know what to do if you were approached by an aggressive driver.

1.What do you think is the most common form of aggresive driving that leads to road rage?

2. What 3 environmental conditions contribute to most road rage incidents?

3. Which of the following Groups is most likely to be involved in a road rage incident, Young Males, Older Males, Young Females, Older Females?

Let's see how you did!

1. If you said TAILGATING you would be correct! The most common cause of aggressive driving is tailgating, which is very annoying to drivers and can happen when a driver is not paying attention, or worse yet talking on a mobile phone.

2. If you said, Heat, Heavy Traffic and Noise a.k.a loud music, you would be correct!

3. If you said Young Males, you are right on the money! That must explain why Mom and Dad have to pay so much for car insurance!

If you'd like to take the entire quiz you can do that right here. Please drive safely and remember a little patience goes a long way, besides you've got a friend riding with you right there in the car at 97.3 The Dawg