Rig Evacuations Begin Ahead Of Tropical Storm
BP decides to evacuate personnel deemed non essential to oil and gas production from the world's largest platform and three others in the central Gulf of Mexico. This is done in response to a potential tropical storm passing over or near the area in the next couple of days.
Deep Water Horizon One Year Later
It's hard to believe it's been a year, we're still hurting for the families that lost loved ones in the explosion of the Deep Water Horizon. There is still anger over the way the incident was handled and the way it affected our way of life in South Louisiana...
Gulf Bottom Still Oily?
Good thing the cast of Jersey Shore doesn't have any plans to film anything along the Gulf Coast any time soon...OK, seriously, this story should alarm a lot of us here in south Louisiana.
Oyster Beds Are Back!
What's the best thing about Louisiana?  The wildlife? Food? Partying?  Superbowl Champs?  Well there is a lot of good things...but what would we be without our seafood?  Are Oysters going to be around anymore.....