College Football 2012 — Week Six Preview
While last week gave us a number of exciting games (West Virginia/Baylor shootout, Texas’ controversial last-minute touchdown to beat Oklahoma State, Nebraska’s comeback win over Wisconsin, etc.), it was lacking in marquee games between ranked teams or conference rivals. But this week will make up f…
SAT Scores Plummet As More Students Take the ACT
The average national scores on two out of the three sections of the SAT exam, which is the standardized test students take in order to get into college, trended down for the class of 2012.
That could have to do with the fact more students in the class of '12 took the rival ACT exam than the SAT …
What Are the Top Party Schools in America?
With amateur boozehounds, junkies and derelicts of all shapes and sizes now flocking to makeshift dormitory brothels on the campuses of some of the finest facilities of higher education across the United States, we thought the time was right to unleash the list of the 2012 top party schools in Ameri…
What Are America’s Top Colleges?
When the shocking cost of going to college nearly constitutes selling a kidney to an international ring of black market organ dealers, would-be students should probably ask themselves whether their education is really worth waking up in a bathtub full of ice just to pay for it.
An Awesome Alternative To Pencils – #Winning College
Well, the holidays are over, and soon everyone will be returning to school. In light of the pending return to the grueling academic grind, I’ll be bringing you a weekly series of tips and tricks to becoming the coolest kid on campus. I’ll give you fair warning though, this series is no…
5 Things Every College Student Can’t Live Without
Who knows better what a College Student Can't Live Without than an actual College Student? Well that is me. It's funny to walk on campus and see these things that people actually have and can't go without. So from my own experience and asking a few friends, it's "5 Th…
School Spirit? The Cajuns Sure Have It! [Photo]
The Ragin' Cajun football team also has a new tradition that all of you fans should participate in! After each game regardless of a victory or loss the team stands in front of the band and sings through the fight song!

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