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OWI Checkpoint Scheduled For This Friday Night
As we always say, if you're going to out for a fun night on the town, have a great time. However, if you're going to be drinking, you have to make sure you have a plan to get around safely. Get a designated driver, plan for an Uber or cab, just never get behind the wheel after you've …
OWI Checkpoint Scheduled For Friday, May 19th
As I always say, if you're going out, have a great time, just make sure to have a safe time. Have a designated driver or have plans for an Uber or a cab. This weekend will be full of graduation celebrations, and Lafayette police want to make sure everyone stays safe.
OWI Check Point Scheduled For Lafayette
If you're going out, it's OK to have a great time. However, it's not OK to drink and drive. Always have a designated driver, or have plans for a cab or an Uber. The Lafayette Police Dept. has announced they will soon be conducting a sobriety checkpoint.

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