Here's the joke I shared with you all this morning for the Friday morning edition of the 5:20 Funnies. (Don't try this at your local bar, cuz!):

Boudreaux and Gautreaux went to the Saturday night dance at the Jolly Inn. As usual, they consumed at least one beer per dance. Soon nature called, and they both went to the restroom to relieve themselves. As they walked up to the urinals, Gautreaux pulled his hand out of his pocket. A quarter came out with it and fell in the urinal. Looking stricken, Gautreaux pulled out his wallet and dropped a dollar bill in with the quarter. Then he reached in and pulled all the money out. Boudreaux said, "Mais Boo, whyina worl' you do dat?" Gautreaux smiled in a crooked beer way and replied, " shore you don tink I'm gonna put my hand in dare for no quarter."