We are loud and proud Cajuns, and most of the time (OK, all of the time!) we want people to know who we are and where we're from! But have you ever met somebody who knows absolutely nothing about south Louisiana, and asks stupid questions? Usually it's a Yankee, but we will forgive them that. And sometimes the queries are more hilarious than annoying.

We are a unique and fun culture, and we're a pretty friendly bunch, but some of the dumb things people ask us just really make us crazy. My ten least favorite are below, but feel free to interject your own, fellow south Louisianians!

  • Do you ever go to Mardi Gras in New Orleans? No, we have our own celebrations right here
  • Do alligators live in your backyard? Ummm, no, but we do have some at Cypress Lake at UL Lafayette, and they are on the menu at most of our fine dining establishments
  • Why do Saints fans wear paper bags over their heads? Looks like 'The Ain'ts' era will never, ever go away
  • Do you suck the heads? Ewwww, gross. Actually, yes we do, and we love it!
  • Why are the river rats so big here? They are called nutria, and even we see them in our nightmares with their big orange teeth!
  • Why is all of your food so spicy? Not all of it is on fire, but we do like to add a dash of Tony Chachere's on just about everything
  • How do you live with all this humidity? Let's just say it's better than snow, sha
  • Why is there a plastic baby in that Mardi Gras dessert? It's called a King Cake, and as tradition goes, whoever gets the piece with the baby inside of it has to host the next king cake party
  • Do you have a real voodoo doll? No, we leave that up to our friends down I-10 in New Orleans
  • How do you pronounce Schexnayder, Delhomme, Thibodeaux, Hebert, or Atchafalaya? It's all in the accent, friends


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