Can we just dub the next few days 'The Great Flood of South Louisiana'? All of this rain, even though very typical Louisiana, is just horrible. I am pretty sure the only good thing about it is that it helps most of us sleep peacefully. Other than that, it really isn't worth a *insert appropriate adjective here*.

Alexey Klementiev/ThinkStock
Alexey Klementiev/ThinkStock

For those of you who have days off this week or when it rains in general and you are stuck in the house, life will probably seem a little boring. You could always sit by the window and count the rain drops! Okay, maybe not. But there are a few other ideas to help cure the rainy day blues.

The typical activities:

  • If you are a book worm like me, check Google Play or the ITunes store for a good read. When you get deep into a good book, time tends to fly!
  • Remember that Netflix is always your best friend. It has a numerous amount of television series that you will probably become obsessed with.
  • Soak in a bubble bath and enjoy a glass of cheap wine (the expensive stuff is for the evening hours).
  • Rearrange your living room/bedroom furniture the way you've always wanted.
  • Sleep!

The not so typical activities:

  • Learn how to make a roux from scratch
  • Make paper boats and float them in puddles outside (for the child inside)
  • Try to crack the secret to Cane's dipping sauce recipe
  • Roll your loose change
  • Building a fort in your living room (again for the child inside)

I am pretty positive that I have the heart of a 12 year old because I am still in love with doing the fun things I did back then. Building a living room fort and sleeping are probably my favorite things to do on a rainy day.

I must remind you that if you do have to get out in the rain this week, please stay safe on the roadways. It is okay to have fun at home, but getting involved in a wreck on the road is nowhere close to fun. If the weather forecast calls for you to stay home or keep the kids home this week, we will bring that news to you ASAP! So keep it tuned to your favorite radio station for all of your weather updates. Stay dry Dawgs!


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