We the people of Louisiana cannot say we didn't have a choice this November. When election day comes around we will have had 24 candidates to sift through to find one that we can support in the race to replace retiring Senator David Vitter. 

Qualifying for the November election ended on Friday and to say the Louisiana Senate race is crowded is quite the understatement. There are obviously some candidates that stick out above the field in this early stage of the campaign.

Boustany, the congressman from southwest Louisiana, Fleming, the congressman from northwest Louisiana, Rob Maness, Foster Campbell’s in there, and he’s been around forever. Everybody knows who he is.

That's what University of  Louisiana at Lafayette Political Science Professor Pearson Cross told the Louisiana Radio Network. Cross also indicated that while those candidates hold some advantage the early leader in most of the polls is State Treasurer John Kennedy.

Cross suggested in his comments that Louisiana voters could see a Democrat making the final run off if either Foster Campbell or Caroline Fayard can garner most of the party's vote.

If neither can make much headway, then you’re likely to see two Republicans in the runoff. So that’s going to determine, I think, who comes to the floor.

When asked about David Duke's entry into the Senate race Cross said that will mean more national publicity. He also stated that with this many candidates seeking your attention you can bet there will be an awful lot of money spent on campaigning.

Everybody’s going to be in the race. It’s not like there’s going to be some people way out in front. Everybody has a chance, and that’s going to make for a very exciting race.

Cross indicated he would not be surprised if the candidate that receives the most votes in November only garners 23% of the votes. This means it's going to be a wild ride for you and I. You can bet fall football games will be filled with commercials for candidates messages trying to capture your attention.

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