If you are average then you will be annoyed seven different times today. You know what I mean by annoyed right? You're not really made but you're not really thrilled either. Chances are you will just let these things roll off your back. That is unless you are having a bad day. Then just one of these items could set you off like a bootleg firecracker.

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    Like those freaky mushrooms around the trees in your yard potholes seem to spring up in abundance after a heavy rain. It's after that rain that we don't see them. They are filled with water and look perfectly fine to drive over. When you do the next thing you feel is your head touching the roof of your car and your fillings moving about in your teeth. Chances are you will just roll on down the road and do nothing about it. Comment time: What street is the worst street where you live for potholes?

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    Foreign Call Center Help Desks

    You have a problem with your computer or some other gadget and you call customer service. You call the help line and hear multiple connections and then the sound of a busy phone room. A voice comes on the line with a very thick accent of another land. You don't believe him but he says his name is Steve. You're not mad. You're not trying to be "that customer". But it's hard to fix something you don't understand with help from an expert you can barely understand. Comment Time: What company has the worst customer service help line?

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    People Who Can't Park

    Parking a car is obviously the most difficult maneuver that a driver must master in regards to the safe operation of a motor vehicle. That of course is sarcasm. The lines are drawn on the parking lot as a guide. If you can stay in your lane you should be able to park your car in between those lines. When you don't your fellow drivers say awful things about your family heritage and the reputation of your mother. Comment Time: The worst parking jobs can be found where?

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    You know that seemingly endless amount of time you spend waiting on a You Tube video to actually play after you've suffered through the annoying advertisement? You know that fist clenching waste of your life where you sit watching a little blue wheel looking thing spin and spin on your computer? Buffering,it's the modern day equivalent of listening to a fourth grader give a book report. It's the mosquito in your room when you're trying to sleep, it's always going to be an issue. Comment Time: What website always frustrates you by taking too long to load?

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    Losing The Remote

    If you want a man to clean your living room then hide the remote. He will go through the couch and straighten the magazines on the coffee table. He will move and fluff pillows. He will curse like a sailor but for the love of God he will not walk over to the TV and manually change the channel. That would be giving up. A man will never lose a remote. It was stolen if he can't find it. Thank goodness remote thieves are people with an honor code. They always seem to bring back the remote after a good five minute search. Comment Time: What item do you continually lose that drives you crazy?