If there was ever a reason for a person to "hold it until the next exit" on a road trip it would be the promise of a disgusting bathroom. We often speak disparagingly about bathrooms at gas stations and rest stops but the truth is our own private places aren't really much better. Here's five reasons why.

  • Joe Nation via You Tube
    Joe Nation via You Tube

    We Keep Our Toothbrushes in the Same Holder

    If you don't think one brush doesn't come in contact with the other brush you're living on a different planet. Most of us don't thoroughly wash our toothbrush after we've been sick or even before we use it again. Just think how long that's going to be in  your mouth. That's a long time for bad things to happen.

  • Hoby Finn, ThinkStock
    Hoby Finn, ThinkStock

    It's Hot and Steamy with Poor Ventilation

    There is a reason why the molding around your shower ceiling is molding. It's because the bathroom is the perfect environment for mold and other things to grow. It's warm, it's moist, it's often closed from fresh air circulation. Oh yeah we also infiltrate the air with bacteria laden blasts every time we flush the commode. What could possibly go wrong, right?

  • bjb5620 via You Tube
    bjb5620 via You Tube

    The Bath Mat Hasn't Been Washed In Months

    Let's see we stand on it in our bare feet. We let water drip on it making it moist. It's in that same warm moist environment we referenced earlier and we very seldom wash or change it. I am pretty sure you could create a pandemic of something awful if you were to wave your bath mat around your head while running through the mall. You should really wash that thing.

  • wckiw/ThinkStock

    You Leave Your Razors In There

    Most of us do our shaving in the bathroom. Some of us shave in the shower and we leave the razor in the shower stall. That's not a good idea when  you consider that germs, bacteria, and possibly death could grow right there on  your razor. Remember you often cut yourself with that sharp blade. There is nothing quite like exposing an open would to more bad things than a fried food buffet. You probably want to keep that razor in a different place.

  • tifonimages, ThinkStock
    tifonimages, ThinkStock

    That Dirty Toilet And Bathroom Floor

    What do in on and in our toilets is not the most pleasant subject matter. The fact is we are disposing of stuff that our bodies no longer want inside. That means the waste is full of things that our body has rejected, sometimes with extreme force. Most of us keep our toilets fairly clean. If you have men in your house I promise you the floor around the toilet needs to be boiled. If you want a safer healthier bathroom it's a good idea to really clean that toilet and surrounding area more often than you do.

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