If you get into a discussion about Halloween treats there will be a wide range of opinions on which treat is the best. After that argument will come the reminiscing of when Halloween meant full size treats and not these mini version of their more bountiful and tasty kin. I think we all agree that "fun size" treats just sucked the fun right out of trick or treating. But,when you consider the calorie count of some of your favorite treats maybe "fun size" versus "exercise" tips the scales, literally in your favor.  Here's how much sweating time you'll have to put in to counteract your candy binges.


  • Wolverine Smash via You Tube
    Wolverine Smash via You Tube

    Butterfinger Candy Bars

    They are crispy, crunchy, and delicious. There is do doubt my jaws will be stuck together for at least a few minutes this Halloween by a Butterfinger candy bar. If you eat two of the little Butterfingers you're looking at about 170 calories. That means you'll spend about 13 minutes jogging or 12 minutes swimming to counteract the goodness and still fit into your blue jeans.

  • Spencer Platt/Getty Images
    Spencer Platt/Getty Images

    Hershey's Kisses

    Oh these are so tiny that you won't hardly have to walk up a flight of stairs to burn the calories off right? Wrong! Since nobody can eat just one let's assume you'll eat ten. That's about 200 calories. If you have a bike you're going to be spending quite a bit of time on it. In fact to counteract the deliciousness of 10 Hershey's Kisses it's a 35 minute bike ride.

  • E Tank via You Tube
    E Tank via You Tube

    Kit Kats

    I am glad they didn't have Kit Kats in the Garden of Eden because if they did and I was Adam or Eve we'd be living in a much warmer climate. I love Kit Kats. Based on the increase in sales this time of year so do you. But even if you just nibble down two fun size bars you're going to be spending 16 minutes on the treadmill just to break even. Talk about give me a break!

  • Jamie Gee via You Tube
    Jamie Gee via You Tube

    Reese's Peanut Butter Cups

    I know your plan on the Reese's. You're only going to eat the mini ones. Your not going to eat the full sized ones. The mini ones will satisfy your sweet tooth and you will eat about ten of them. Then you will need to be pumping that iron. Since ten of the Reese's mini cups are about 210 calories you can expect to be lifting weights for about 26 minutes to make that caloric infusion go away.

  • Barry Mitchell via You Tube
    Barry Mitchell via You Tube

    Tootsie Rolls

    They are tiny and neat and easy to eat. Whether you enjoy the chocolate ones or the fancy flavored ones Tootsie Rolls come with a price. Five of these uniquely flavored treats will cost you nine minutes on the jogging trail or 20 minutes on the bike. The ease of enjoyment of the Tootsie Roll is what makes this such a dangerous treat. Oh yeah, they are darn delicious too.

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