We all have our own pet peeves. There are certain things others do that really set us off and make us tick. But what happens when you are left in the company of an extremely annoying person in your car?

Well, Expedia realized that there are quite a few things that passengers do that are simply annoying. So they decided to take a survey to see which ones were the worst. Here are the top five:

  1. 61% said: Backseat driving
  2. 11% said: Poor navigating
  3. 9% said: Hogging the radio..."Girl that's Patsy Cline, don't touch that button!"
  4. 6% said: Sleeping
  5. 5% said: Taking shoes off

What do you think about these? I know that number is the absolute worst for me. However, I will admit that I am very guilty of all of these. I have a big mouth and I think I know what I am doing. Newsflash Terryn, you don't.

Next time you are in a friend's vehicle, think about these things. We should remind ourselves to get our mouths shut and ask if it's okay to do something. You will probably prolong your life span by doing so.