If you are looking for scares, Louisiana is a good place to start. And there is no other place in the state more spooky than New Orleans. NolaWeekend.com and Fox 8 in the Crescent City have a great guide to some terrifying locations to visit during the upcoming Halloween season. Visit them if you dare.

  • LaLaurie Mansion, 1140 Royal Street. Legend has it that, starting in 1831, Madame LaLaurie ran a torture chamber for her slaves in her home on Royal Street. A house fire revealed that not only were slaves chained to the walls, but gruesome experiments had been carried out on them, and their children, as well. Their ghosts supposedly roam the grounds, as well as that of the Madame, who was forced to move to Paris by an angry mob.
  • St Louis Cemetery No. 1, 425 Basin Street. Founded in 1789 by the Spanish, this eerie spot is the final resting place for New Orleans' famous VooDoo Queen, Marie Laveau. It's been called the most haunted cemetery in America, and you need a licensed tour guide to go visit there, unless you have a relative that's been interred on the property. Supposedly Marie Laveau makes a ghostly appearance every year on June 23rd for St. John's Eve
  • The Myrtles Plantation, 7747 U.S. Highway 61, St Francisville. Although this is a little bit outside of New Orleans proper, it's definitely worth a drive to see the 'Most Haunted House in America'. Built in 1796, it's home to over a dozen spirits and ghosts, and some say there has been over 10 murders on the property. One of the most tragic stories involves a slave named Chloe, who's ear was cut of by her master after she was caught eavesdropping. She retaliated by poisoning the family, and was later hung for it. Her spirit has been spotted many many times over the years
  • Lafitte’s Blacksmith Shop Bar, 941 Bourbon Street. The oldest structure used as a bar in the United States, Lafitte's was established sometime between 1722 and 1732. It was supposedly used as the base for Jean Lafitte and his brother Pierre's Barataria smuggling operation, and treasure is rumored to be hidden in the walls or the fireplace inside the building. The ghost of a pirate guarding the treasure has been seen many times, and some believe it is actually Jean Lafitte.
  • Hotel Monteleone, 214 Royal Street. Built in 1886, a ghost named William 'Red' Wildemere, who was a former employee, has been seen roaming the halls for years. Elevators also stop on the wrong floors, and a restaurant door supposedly opens and closes by itself every night. A child's spirit, (who also died at the hotel) has also been spotted, and his parents too, who return to the rooms looking for a visit with him.

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