The big game is next weekend and for most of us that means getting together with friends and enjoying some good food, a few commercials and less than exciting game. That is the Super Bowl.



This year it's two teams most of us don't like and aren't interested in but still it is America's Party. So what makes a good Super Bowl Party? It's the right mix of people, personalities, booze, food and personal space. How can you make sure you are one of the right people? Here are some tips to help you mix and mingle while the big game is blaring away on the big screen.

Leave Your Expertise At Home: You might know all there is to know about the game of football and both of the teams on the field. Nobody likes a know it all. Keep your stats to yourself. If you act like an expert you are going to have a bad time.

The Remote Isn't Yours: Let the host of the party set the level of the volume and choose the channel. It is not up to you to constantly adjust the brightness, the color, the volume and all the other things your touchy feely self does in the privacy of your own home.

It Is A Party: If you want to watch the football game, stay home and watch the game. Since this is a social event you should expect people to talk, to interrupt and to not care that it is third down.

Be a Fan, Not A Fanatic: If you want to wear some gear of your favorite team that is certainly acceptable. Being that obnoxious fan is not. In this years game most people will not have a dog in the hunt so your overzealous support of the 49ers or Ravens will make you stick out like a really unwanted sore thumb.

Don't Announce You Are On A Diet; It's okay if you are watching what you eat. You just don't need to make everyone at the party aware of that fact. Go ahead and enjoy your vegetable platter and diet soda. Just don't challenge all of the others who are there to stuff their face with ribs, hot wings, beer and nachos.

Chances are none of these behaviors describe you at a Super Bowl Party. If they do chances are you will be watching next years big game from a secluded area far away from fun people who realize this is just a game and it's all made for TV anyway.