If you have trouble with snoring or the person next to you suffers from this, then you need to check this out. A recent study in Brazil found that doing a few simple tongue exercises each day can help reduce snoring.

As part of the study they had people do these exercises three times a day, and after three months, they were snoring 36% less. And how loud they snored dropped 59%.

Here are the five exercises and you're supposed to do them 20 times each.

  1. With your mouth open, push your tongue against the roof of your mouth, and slide it backwards 20 times.
  2. Keep the tip of your tongue against your bottom teeth and try to push the back of your tongue down.
  3. Suck your tongue against the roof of your mouth. Just push your tongue up, creating a suction, and use your entire tongue to push against the roof of your mouth. Then repeat 19 times.
  4. Lift your soft palate 20 times. It's on the roof of your mouth at the very back where the top of your mouth starts feeling soft.
  5. Using your index finger, press your cheek muscle away from your teeth 10 times on each side.

For a visual, check at pictures of each exercise here.

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