There is pretty much no one alive who enjoys cleaning their bathroom. We all just want it to magically happen!

Unless you have Jill The Almost Invisible Intern's Parent's Money, then you are stuck cleaning your own bathroom.

Want to know a few tips on how to get it cleaned quickly? Like, if you have family or friends coming over and you need to get that puppy looking good in a matter of five minutes?

Follow these tips and you'll be in business:

  1. Pour bleach in the toilet. Make sure you give a couple of scrubs and after five minutes flush the toilet.
  2. Grab a damp paper towel and knock out any smudges you see on the mirror, sink or floor.
  3. Put out a couple of fresh towels.
  4. Take your rugs outside and give them a good shaking. Freshly fluffed rugs will look like they've just been vacuumed.
  5. In case you got friends who like to snoop around, pull the shower curtain nice and tight. Then tuck towels on top of stuff in drawers in case they get opened.

You got any other quick tips on how you tidy up your bathroom quickly?

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