A $50,000 winning Powerball ticket that was purchased in Louisiana for a drawing held last July is about to expire. According to the Louisiana Lottery, there are currently $1,400,000 in unclaimed tickets just from the Mega Millions and Powerball drawings held in the state over this past year. And yes you read that right, there is currently a $1,000,000 winning lottery ticket that has yet to be claimed.

Alejandro Garay via Unsplash.com
Alejandro Garay via Unsplash.com

However, the winner of that million-dollar ticket still has a few months to come forward and claim that prize. If you weren't aware, all lottery prize-winning tickets, both scratch-off and drawing games have an expiration. Generally, in Louisiana, players have six months (180 days) to make a claim on a winning ticket. The expiration date for scratch-off games varies but it is published on the Louisiana Lottery website. 

The $50,000  winner that was sold in July was purchased in Saint Amant Louisiana. It was purchased at the Fisherman's One Stop on La Highway 22. If you're holding that ticket you've only got until January 26th to come forward at a Louisiana Lottery office to claim your prize.

Mega Millions Jackpot Nearly 1 Billion Dollars
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By far there are more Powerball tickets than Mega Millions tickets on the "about to expire list" within the next few months. a $50,000 winner sold in Greenwood Louisiana for a drawing held over the Labor Day weekend will expire in early March. Meanwhile, a $100,000 Powerball winner sold in Metairie on October 1st will expire at the end of March next year. As well as a $50,000 winner, that was also sold in Metairie for that same drawing.

The multi-state lottery games such as Powerball and Mega Millions have been very good to Louisiana players this year. We've seen some really big winning tickets but alas no one in The Boot has bought that big jackpot winner. But we still have two Powerball drawings and a Mega Millions drawing left in 2022, maybe we'll go out with a bang. 


Granted your chances of winning are about the same as the Saints' chances of making the NFL playoffs but as they say, there's still a chance.

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